Thursday, February 12, 2009

28 is the new 18

At least that's what it's felt like lately.

After 15 months of waiting, Stella got a spot at PIC!!!
Believe me it's three exclamation points worthy.

So, Although we've been there for about a month, I haven't had a chance to meet all the parents of the children in the room (different schedules...). A mom I hadn't met before came in to drop off her baby as I was helping Stella get settled in. She introduced herself to me assuming I was a new teacher or volunteer. Not to say that the teachers are particularly young or that it's weird I'm hanging out with the kids, plenty if not most parents do this as part of their morning routine, it's just that when I introduced myself I introduced Stella at the same time. Hi, I'm so and so and this is so and so. Totally missing the connection,
she responded that yeah, she knew who Stella was but she didn't know who I was and if I was new to the room.
I started speaking in plurals: oh, we've been here for almost a month... She just looked at me funny and went on with her day. I think she never really caught on that I was related to Stella. But I guess it's better than getting that "look". The "oh, you're her mom?" look.
Granted, I may look a tad bit younger than I am, or so I think, and I'm not walking in wearing scrubs but really? OK, that's a bit much, not all moms are doctors or married to one but being surrounded by HUP, Presby, and CHOP doesn't help. Do I just not look like I should have an almost 1 year old?
Yeah, I'm not 28 anymore but when surrounded by so many professionals and not being one myself, it really feels like I just got out of high school and started popping them out.

So, I know I haven't posted for ages. I once more hope this is not a fluke and more will be on the way. Here's to hoping I've eased into my new role and now have time for things I use to do in a care free manner.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Inga Update

It's slow, I know. It's something, I guess. I did enjoy making the braids and went ahead with making two like Hello Yarn. Hope to finish it soon. We'll see.

$150 Delicious

So, here it is: The infamous rocking chair. It's AWESOME! Sorry, I can't put it any other way.
It looked a little short once out of the box and assembled but you forget about all that once seated. I think that explains why most online nursery stores only show pictures of kids sitting in it. Besides being a good looking chair, it's most definitely functional. The past couple of night time feedings have calmed my fears of it being uncomfortable. I may not have shoulder support but I do get the appropriate mid to lower back support. Even Jason has warmed up to it, kind of.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I love TV

Also, can someone please explain why "community organizer" is now a bad word?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Plans

This labor day weekend Jason will be going to Gainesville to meet Dylan for the first time (wish I could go too) since it's his turn to go on vacation. I went to Barney's Joy and he goes to Gainesville -- somehow that worked out the way it did.
Since Stella was born I haven't had the time to knit anything. I've started a few projects here and there but nothing worth mentioning and really nothing I've managed to finish. Although I'd rather hold her, I do miss having needles and yarn in hand. I also miss that feeling of excitement when you're about to start and later finish a project. This weekend I'm going to try my hardest to really start and commit to something. I figure I'll start small with the little inga hat and work up the courage for the Shetland Shorty.
Wish me luck. Maybe I'll even have time to update my ravelry. Maybe it's all wishful thinking.

In other very sad news, my favorite cupcake blog - Cupcake Bakeshop - was closed and I didn't find out until this week when I thought of possibly baking over the break. It was a great inspiration while it lasted. Chockylit will be sorely missed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Eames or Not To Eames

I'm a bit overwhelmed with how one little thing, like a desire for a rocking chair for Stella's nursery, keeps unfolding into more and more options. Choices are great, don't get me wrong, but they make me a bit dizzy.
I tried out and fell in love with the orange Monte Alto Rocker at GENES in Center City but then died when told that it goes for $795. It was such a comfortable and good looking glider.

Alia used some of her spare time, now that she's in Philly, and found us an Eames-like (I guess the manufacturer doesn't have license to the name) RAR (rocker-armchair-rod) that's very nice on the pocket book and even nicer on the eye. Even though, Jason hates it - clearly, he has no taste - he encouraged me to buy it if it's what I really want.
So, that got me thinking on form vs. function. I was curious to know how other parents faired with this cool but maybe not so comfortable option. I find that the biggest complaint out there is that it provides no support for your shoulders (something you might appreciate during night time feeding) but overall everyone is happy with their choice. I felt though, that a lot of opinions rested more on the fact that this is a design darling and concerns lied more on whether or not to go for the new fiberglass (as it was originally made), the new licensed polypropylene manufactured by Herman Miller, or the vintage.

I conclude that:
1) As nice as it would be, I'm not a purist/collector, or at least my budget doesn't allow it
2) My head hurts
3) I blame Alia for her contagious fixation of all things mid-century-modern

Friday, August 01, 2008

The future is now!

Josh and Alia are going to be here tomorrow! It takes a while but soon you'll learn to like Philly. I promise. Besides, it'll be so much easier when you have something like this to look forward to:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What will they think of next?

I was scrolling through the babies r us website and came across the premium furniture collection. I had never seen this section before so I curiously clicked into it and found these.
For a mere $350-700 you can start training your kid to have an eye for mod furniture.
Too much! I don't even have furniture that nice. Playing house just got a little too cool for me.